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Booking information

Booking Fees for 2013

Guiding members Non-Guiding
Single night (up to 24 hours) £160 £180
Per night (2 or more nights) £140 £180
A day (up to 6pm) £85 £100
Half day / evening £50 £60
Day and evening £110 £135
Evening Meeting Fees £10 an hour.
County Meetings Prepaid

How to book

Before making a booking, please check the availability calendar. To make a booking please contact Mrs Judy Wilson:  or email:


  • A non-returnable deposit of £30 a day is requested at the time of booking
  • The balance of fees are to be sent 6 weeks prior to arrival, together with arrival and departure times


Please note that insurance for cancelled bookings is the responsibility of the visiting Leader.

Residential forms

Email address: